Time To Stylishly Strap Up Apple Watch

As we enter week two of Apple Watch‘s release, many opportunists have jumped on the third party band wagon of offering inexpensive alternatives to Apple’s own brands.

Just like other Apple products, the iPod and iPhone, they ,make it possible for you to buy non-Apple chargers, cables or earphones at a more purse friendly price.

When it comes to the Apple Watch, they do offer their own exclusive strap colours, but if you are on a budget and would prefer to go down the third party route the main USP is that you will have a certain level of customization made available to you.

Tempted by the galore of straps and replacement straps at friendly prices then look no further than:


CasetifyKnown for letting customers customize their own iPhone cases online they have now set their eyes on the Apple Watch. Incredibly bold and dramatically daring what makes Casetify stand out from the rest is that you can use your Instagram and Facebook photos. If social media is not your thing you can always design your own.

Reserve Strap: With no release date yet announced, they are taking preorders. For $249 you will have a built-in battery for charging and exclusivity! Do note that the company’s first batch of Reserve Straps will be “extremely limited.”

Lunatik: the known accessory brand plans to launch the Epik Apple Watch kit that will come in the shape of a protective case and strap combo. You will be able to FUND IT on Kickstarter soon.

wiPowerBand: strap has  an integrated 250 mAh high density lithium polymer rechargeable battery which promises to double Apple Watch’s battery life. Available in May|June 2015 at $89-$99.

Apple Watch Straps

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