Know Your AppleWatch Facts?

It is time to make sure that you are in the know of some facts about the upcoming AppleWatch, and we have listed them below:

  1. The Apple Watch is the company’s’ first entirely new product category since the original iPad. It’s a huge gamble for Apple and a test of the still-nascent wearable market.
  2. The Watch is the most customizable and varied product Apple has likely ever launched. It’ll come in three editions made of different metals and be available with multiple snap-in wrist bands. Prices start at $349.
  3. The Watch has a touch interface that can sense the difference between a light touch and hard press. But it also has a “digital crown” that allows users to quickly scroll through lists without obscuring the screen.
  4. The Watch must be paired with an iPhone for many of its functions. The device piggybacks on the phone’s data and GPS connections to pipe in directions or incoming voice calls and text messages, for instance.
  5. The Watch, like Apple’s other iDevices, will have various independent apps. Examples include a Tesla app that shows the status of your electric car when it’s charging and a Starwood app that lets the Watch act as your room key.
  6. Apple’s fitness app, one of the device’s main selling points, tracks runs, walks and bike rides.
  7. The Watch also can track your heart rate (while resting, while active) throughout the day thanks to these light sensors on the back.
  8. It also has Apple Pay, the company’s digital payments platform. Swipe the Watch in front of a compatible kiosk and it will make an automatic online payment.
  9. CEO Tim Cook has said the Watch will last about a day before it needs to be recharged. So far, battery life has been the biggest downside of most wearables. The Watch recharges through the magnetic system shown here.
  10. The Watch will come with many customizable bands that slip on and click in place at the top and bottom of the device’s body.
  11. It also comes in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, to fit on different size wrists.
  12. Higher-end models of the watch could cost several thousands of dollars.
  13. Apple is significantly expanding it’s product reach.

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